R & D

Developing products through a deep-rooted research development culture in more than 75 countries in 5 continents and presenting these products to the feed milling sector, IMAS is aiming to be the pioneer of the sector via its engineering approaches.

Being among the 250 companies spending on R&D the most in Turkey, IMAS put R&D as the focus of its customer satisfaction.

Viteral research and development team creates three dimensional models of all Viteral products with computer aided design (CAD) works.

Static, dynamic, fluid mechanics and fatigue analyses of Viteral machines are simulated. This procedure is the trick for developing efficient products with high performances that exceed the needs of the milling sector.

Another important phase of R&D works is prototype production and performance of tests, trials and analyses in real conditions. Viteral product family that passes all these processes and guarantees its quality is ready for production.

Innovative approach is the main principle of Viteral team hence products that will make difference in the sector throughout the research and development activities are formed.