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  • #STAYATHOME to protect yourself and your loved ones.
#STAYATHOME to protect yourself and your loved ones.

#STAYATHOME to protect yourself and your loved ones.



During the hard times we are going through due to COVID-19 pandemic, which has deeply affected all over the world, we all feel same although we are in different geographies and countries. We understand the importance of embracing in hard times much better as well as meaning of protecting our health, supporting each other and our loved ones. We believe that we will overcome these days within the shortest time period.


We, as IMAS have taken all necessary precautions for public health and we are closely and diligently monitoring up the recent situation of the Coronavirus. Enabling social distance for the health of our employees and the prevention of current spread, IMAS has taken all necessary precautions meticulously.


In these difficult times, as the whole IMAS team, we have taken maximum care to ensure that our valued customers do not suffer and confront any difficulties and continue in the same way as we have served before. In this context, we kindly announce that all our manufacturing lines are in process with full capacity and have taken all precautions to ensure that all our shipments take place on time and avoid further grievances in this regard.


We wish that these hard days will pass as soon as possible…


 #STAYATHOME to protect yourself and your loved ones.