Conveying and Connection
VCC - Chain Conveyor
VCC - Chain Conveyor
  • Silent Running
  • Easy Installation
  • Extended Lifetime
  • Body and covers made of galvanized sheet
  • Stable running and low-space coupled gearbox with minimum power loss
  • Smooth flow provided inside the body by assembling from the outside
  • Polyethylene 1000 coating the bottom of the body for increased wear resistance (including the heads)
  • Head design that avoids product accumulation
  • Flexible and easy assembly thanks to variable and short module lengths
  • Low shipping cost thanks to its modular design and disassembled portability
  • Abrasion-resistant polyethylene 1000 coating in inlet&outlet connectors
  • Chain guide housing against lateral impact on the upper floors with increased abrasion resistance that prevents sagging, abrasion
  • Weld-free sprocket and shaft, made of C50 material
  • Easy-to-change gear design without dismantling the shaft-gearbox-bearings thanks to its modular structure
  • The drum diameter has been kept small by using extra sprockets for single-layer chain conveyors (Thus, the small-body gearbox can be used)
  • Extra reinforced chain links against heavy loads, abrasive products and elongation
  • Chain links are cold rolled, die-cut and hardened against abrasion
  • Scraper flights widened in maximum dimensions, abrasion-resistant, made of Polyetylene1000
  • Scraper flights with reduced tension against breaking in sudden loading
  • Articulated chain links (boltless connection) manufactured by forging method preventing elongation
  • Wheeled assembly option for use in hard-to-reach places in terms of service
  • Fast chain tension adjustment
  • Safety cover equipped with a safety switch