Capacity Upgrade

We make a Capacity Upgrade Plan by examining the interior layout and machinery in your existing Building.

We make three-dimensional solid modelling and present the New Design.

We transform the product transitions between departments, Pneumatic and Aspiration Lines into a simple and fluid installation.

We analyse the Moisture, Protein and Ash values that determine Flour Quality in our own laboratories and develop solutions with a professional approach for Efficiency and Capacity upgrade.

We replace low-capacity and low-efficiency machines that have completed their economic life, for which spare parts cannot be supplied, with our New Generation Products.

We are making revisions of your existing machines that are suitable for technological change.

Capacity Upgrade and Revision

The main goal of the renovation work to be carried out in the Machinery Park is to increase the quality and capacity of the product, as well as to reduce the Energy Consumption and to zero the depreciation expense in a short time.

Thanks to our New Generation Innovative products and systems, electricity consumption will be greatly reduced.

In the revision works, the stages of Determination, Examining the Product Flow Diagram in Three-Dimensional Environment, Completing the Project of the New Revision and Offering are followed.

Capacity Upgrade and Revision