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Imas Makina Announced the Champion of the 4th Traditional Football Tournament

İmaş Makina 4. Geleneksel Futbol Turnuvası’nın Şampiyonu Belli Oldu

Cuttermiller won the final of the football tournament traditionally organized as part of the internal communication activities of Imas, the company of İttifak Holding in the machinery sector.


The final of the Imas Makina 4th Traditional Football Tournament was the scene of fierce competition. In this year's final match of the football tournament, which has been organized among Imas employees for four years, Cutermiller defeated its rival Imas Ware with a score of 4-2. With the participation of Imas Makina employees' spouses and children There were pleasant moments in the final match.


About the tournament, Tuncay Lamcı, General Manager of İmaş Makina, said, “This year we are holding the fourth tournament. As Imas Makina, with the Traditional Football Tournament or similar events; We aim to provide great benefits in terms of integration with personnel and professional groups, increasing work efficiency, friendship and socialization. We will continue to organize such activities that increase the motivation of our employees. I congratulate the champion of the tournament, Catermiller, for her performance during the tournament. I would also like to thank all our employees who contributed to the tournament.”


Imas Makina 4th Traditional Football Tournament ceremony; Ittifak Holding CEO Tahir Atila, Imas Makina General Manager Tuncay Lamcı, Imas Makina Deputy General Managers Mustafa Pek and Mustafa Özdemir, Konya Amateur Sports Clubs Federation Board Member İbrahim Karabacak.


Ittifak Holding CEO Tahir Atila presented the championship trophy to the captain of the champion team of the tournament. Tuncay Lamcı, General Manager of Imas Makina; Mustafa Pek, Deputy General Manager of İmaş Makina; Mustafa Özdemir, Deputy General Manager of İmaş Makina, presented their cups to the team that came in fourth place.