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We are very happy and proud to present our Cuteral HSP 300 machine to you.

Cuteral HSP 300 makinemizi sizlere sunmaktan büyük bir mutluluk ve gurur duyuyoruz.

Dear XXXX,

As Imas Makina, we are very happy and proud to present you our Cuteral HSP 300 machine, which we have been working on for about a year and developed by considering your needs and expectations.

We aim to make your life easier and increase your productivity with the hydraulic double vice, package cutting, chip conveyor, precision cutting pressure adjustment, automatic height adjustment, hydraulic strip tensioning, precision cutting without support and PLC control features of our new generation saw, Cuteral HSP 300.

This model, which we consider as 300 mm in diameter in the first stage, is the first step of the new series. Our aim in the upcoming period is to complete the series in articulated and columnar groups together with other diameters we plan to produce.

Listening to your voice is one of our most basic working principles. We will always be pleased to hear your thoughts and opinions about this new generation product, and we wish Cuteral HSP 300 to be beneficial to the whole industry.